SSD - A look back at 2010 and a look ahead to 2011

I just posted the article SSD - A look back at 2010 and a look ahead to 2011.

There has been some fantastic SSDs launched in 2010, we take a look back at the year.
2011 looks like being an even better year for SSDs.
We take a quick look ahead to 2011 and SATA 6Gbps.

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hey thanks for the nice article, but seriously still sticking with old school platter storage

According to the first 100 responses at the latest MyCE Poll: [B]Will 2011 be the year you buy an SSD[/B]?

(upper left corner at myce homepage; upper right corner club homepage)

14 respond: Definitely
24 are not interested.

And 66 respond: Probably, if prices get low enough.

So what price per GB are you looking for?

According to an overview in the Crucial RealSSD C300 review by Wendy, prices per GB vary from €1.75 up to €2.25 per GB.

Would €1.50 per GB be low enough, or will you wait for €1.00 per GB?

At 1USD a Gb, I will buy them. Its not that far away.:wink:

found ths thread for research, and fast forward to 2013,

to alan1476 comment: "at 1USD a Gb, I will buy them. Its not that far away.’

at ths time, 7/2013 found ssd 256 gb uprade w/ cost for 470. usd(now ths is for laptops, not external ssd), and comes out aprox 2 usd per gb.

from a laptop user perspective(and note, have just learned w/ fast 3 weeks cram reading to catch up w/ the new tech info, and info could understand w/ me not being tech), cant help but decide to go w/ ssd for hard drives; o wow, just reading about intel third gen "i- " processors, eg “ivy bridge”(being faster, lesser demand on battery, and not as hot, ths is very good news esp for mobile laptops.
and for the laptops w/ harddrive SATA 500 gb, 750 gb and 1 T(tera)b, who wants such a big storage stuck on laptop, have learned safer to save files on external storage/ or backup (external harddrives, usb flash drives,or SD(secure digital) cards). note, ths practice was mentioned and learned to me by (freaks)colleagues and forums, again thx comrads.
ps, have to learn how to copy/paste comment(s) for forum comment, grr

FWIW my system is running on an SSD, a 120gb that I paid $59 for last September.

Over the “Black Friday” sales I bought what was (at the time) the fastest 256gb SSD made in a 2.5" SATA form factor for $159…

So I bought at $0.50/gb