Sry, noob question - 3540A and princo DVD-R

Hi all, sorry for dumb question, havent pervious expirience with DVDRW drives

Just bought Nec 3540A with firmware 1.01, thats my first DVDRW drive. Also I bought 25 pack PRINCO 1-8X DVD-R media which I intend to use because I dont have money for other expensive media (please dont suggest other media with nice prices - cant buy them where I live).

Unfortunately I discovered that 3540A wont even recognize that DVD media, I have read some postings about firmware but Im unsure what to do:

  • replace this drive and buy another one (some pioneer)
  • put other firmware if that will help me with those princo DVD media

Basically I dont know will firmware upgrade solve my problem ? Also dont know which one to use, official 1.03 or unofficial 1W8 ?

Dont need this drive for anything special, just want to burn achive from work from time to time.

If I patch DVDRW sellers wont take it back and replace it but if new firmware will solve my problem Ill give it a try.

Thanks and sorry for dumb question

No firmware and no drive will solve the PRINCO problems for the long run. HIGHLY suggest you get slightly better media for your own good. You don’t want not to be able to read your valueable data or movies in the next few months do you? Can you list any other DVD±R media in your area so we can suggest which one is better?

Are the princo DVDs that bad ? Already used their CDs for a years and never expirienced a problem, also a lot of my friends use those princo DVDs without problems, if the problem is only in their bad image I would give it a try because I dont have such expirience with their CDs.

Here is the quick list

Media Digitex DVD+RW 4,7GB 4x Spindle 10
Media Digitex DVD-RW 4,7GB 2x Spindle 10
Media HP DVD+R 4,7GB 16x Spindle 50
Media HP DVD+RW 4,7GB 4x Slim Movie Box
Media HP DVD-R 4,7GB 16x Spindle 10
Media Verbatim DVD+R 4,7GB 16x 10kom spn
Media Verbatim DVD-R 4,7GB 16x 10kom spn


Price of those BENQs would fit too, are they ok ?

Should I prefer + or - media ?

No. They are even worse! :Z

From your media list, I would suggest Verbatim, but BenQ and HP might be OK too. Not sure with Digitex, but they are rewritable only anyway.

  • or - depends on your player’s capabilities. But it usually doesn’t matter if you change the booktype on DVD+R to DVD-ROM

ignord2: Princo is Vampire media. You know what happens to vampires when you expose them to sunlight…

PRINCOs are made for use as frisbies and coasters. They just happen to look just like an ordinary DVD-R. They should put a warning on them “Not to be used inside a DVD-RW drive” :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Keep your NEC drive and exchange your Princo media for some Verbatims. Either +R or -R Verbatims should do fine. For other brands it depends…

Thanks a lot for answers people !!! :bigsmile:

Best regards & wishes !