.srt subtitle file + AVI Mpeg




ryty! :doh: im wanting to merge .srt subtitles file with a movie so i can burn them as one on a dvd!

all searching has failed and my brain is about to explode with ULTIMATE Frustration!!!

PLEEEEEEEEEEAASSSEEEE HELP ME!?!! :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:


To put subtitle in an avi you need:

  •    VirtualDub 1.5.10
  •    VSFilter.vdf plugin
  •    DivX 4.12 Codec.

In virtualdub under filters select add then choose vsfilter, select subtitle file then ok. Just don’t forget to set wich codec should be used (divx) or the output file will eat like 20-30megs or more!

And for mpegs…well you wanna put it on an mpeg file and write it on dvd as mpeg or as dvd(vob)?
'Cause in the case of vob you could use dvd maker software (like I use DVD workhop 2) and after importing it in you can add subtitles (wich will be optional at playback, you have it if you want or not have it)! Though DVD Workshop doesn’t support .srt only it’s own .txt but Subtitle Workshop can convert it for you! Or you can look for a dvd maker that supports .srt.

If you wanna put it on a mpeg file and keep it as mpeg then I would convert the mpeg to avi then use virtual dub then convert it back to mpeg! Though there has to be an easier way around for that too but I don’t know about it!

I hope I could help atleast with the avi part!


Btw.: if you need a download link for virtualdub and its plugins and/or for the codec I can give one. Just tell!


brilliant!!! thanx alot!!! i have version 1.5.10 i think i may need the codec and the plugin for definate =) !!


http://animeaddicts.interhost.hu/request.php?1271 >>>> VirtualDub plugin(you get a plugin for .ssa-s too as a seperate filter, need to put files in the …virtualdub\plugins folder)
http://animeaddicts.interhost.hu/request.php?1270 >>>> Divx 4.12 codec

BTW.: They ain’t hungarian only the server that host them!


Have you ever seen this??? this is what happens when I open the Video file.

Thanx for the plugins!! they work perfect!!! i havent installed the codecs. i hav v5.2.1