Srt files ?!?!



i downloaded an avi with some srt files … it is in xvid format

i cant seem to play it … when i dbl click it to play it … my wmp will crash and shutdown

is it becoz of i need to do someting wif the srt files ?


The names of both the AVI and the SRT files need to be IDENTICAL, except for the avi & srt bit. Then they play fine in WMP 8 that comes with XP.


You don’t need a subtitle filter such as VSFilter (new version of VobSub) too?
I also suggest that you try mplayer2 (Start --> Run --> mplayer2) instead of WMP8.


i installed ffdshow … now it is able to play with wmp 9 …

but then the quality is not smooth … like got mosaic over the place …

is it becoz the original quality is like this ?



i downloaded a movie .avi file that came with 2 .srt files

the movie plays fine in WMP9 but i uses both language of those .srt, i tried removing 1 of those .srt, still play both

i tried renaming them the same, still plays both language

help plz, thx


Load your *.srt file into Notepad (or similar) and see what it shows in there. You may have to manually delete the foreign language you dont want.


are srt files for subtitle only?

basicly even if i move both language .srt file in a different folder, my video (.avi) plays the movie on both language, so i tmust be, which program would i need to be able to play and pick which language i want? i didnt even know it was possible with an .avi to do so


Yes, srt’s are just subs. Pure text.
Sounds like you are talking about multiple audio streams. For players like wmp that don’t natively support multiple audio streams you need to install something like MMSwitch.


I have an .avi file that has a .srt file with it, yet i can’t get it to display subtitles in WMP at all. Is there anything I can do? the file is named the same (exactly) and is in the same folder, yet the subtitles aren’t showing up at all -_- I checked, and the subs are all in english. is there anything i can do to load the subtitles into the .avi in anyway?


Just install VOBSUB in your PC and they will then appear :slight_smile:


VobSub is a great app. 2nd that comment.


can I burn .srt files onto a DVD so that they’ll play on my PS2?


Subtitles are encoded into VOBs if you refer to DVD Video.


Holy crap you people are awesome! I just joined to tell you that, because you learned me how to play this file with subtitles. :bigsmile:


IMO… VLC Media Player has worked great for me loading subtile tracks for all of my movies.


BTW… how can i burn the movie in .avi with .srt…? i wanted to burn the movie… but while encoding in the NeroVision Express… the subs didn’t display…


I have been wanting to try burning a divx .avi with its .srt/.sub file to a cd/dvd as data (srt/sub being same title as the .avi) and see if that works but havnt got around to it and never asked about it.


Really, please ask those who created avi + srt files.

Legally are such things not available.


i also use VdubMod to convert .OGM and .MKV vids with .srt… my question is… how can i put .srt on the vids i’ve converted from .OGM/.MKV… so that when i burn it to Nero or play with WMP11… it will display as a normal subs…