.SRT Files?

Im a little confused,
I just downloaded a movie that’s in japanese, and I guess the 1 .SRT file that came with it was suppose to make it have english subtitles, i was browsing around the fourms and i heard from some people that the AVI or MPEG and the SRT had to be named the same, so I tried that and nothing works, how do I make the SRT File play with my movie? Thanks in advance everyone.

SRT are indeed subtitles files. But, in order to play them you need software that recognizes the file and knows what to do with it. An excellent application is VobSub. This application can be used to rip subtitles with but it’s also a directshow filter that can play your subtitles. But, in order for VobSub to recognize your subtitle it has to have the same name as the movie file, like for instance: movie.avi and movie.srt. If VobSub is working you can just play the movie file and it will automatically add the subtitles to your video. I personally use VobSub together with Media Player Classic.

use this user friendly video player.


it can play most of known video formats plus it has a subtitle option.
best of all it does not install any codecs in to your machine…

highly recommended

Ot the very good (and free) BSPlayer ( http://www.bsplayer.org/ )