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I downloaded a movie with an srt file which im sure is the subtitles because the movie said it had subtitles but when i play it it doesnt is there something im supposed to do to get the subtitles to work and how does the srt file do it…

I also have this problem, in that the movie says it has subtitles, yet they will not show up. I have checked and the .srt file is in a seperate folder from the movie (named the same as the movie, as is the .srt). What do I need to do?

I believe you want to have the .srt file in the SAME folder as your movie. Also, I think it needs to have the same name as the movie file (different file extensions of course).

If your player still won’t show subtitles, aside from checking the options/configuration settings of your player to enable subtitles, check out a program called Vob Sub, which will let you manipulate the subtitle features. Cheers. :slight_smile:

I have an .avi file that came with an srt file of the subtitles (English). I would like to burn the movie to DVD with the subs intact so that they will play in sync with the movie on my DVD player.

I use Sonic MyDVD Studio Deluxe Suit to edit and burn my DVDs.

How do I combine the avi and srt files?

If you want to play the movie on your PC (I hope they are in sync, or you’ll need some applications, like SubTool (, to modify the .SRT file) and watch the subtitles while playing it, just use BSPlayer ( It supports loading subtitles.

If you want to make a DVD wich has a selectable subtitle, read (Sorry, CDFReaks).

Be careful that the .SRT you use to insert the subtitle in the DVD with SRT2SUP ( is in-sync with the AVI, first.

Be careful that the .SRT you use to insert the subtitle in the DVD with SRT2SUP ( is in-sync with the AVI, first.

SubtitleCreator is better IMO. When you install it (needs .NET or WinXP SP2) there’s a pdf guide - will tell you how to convert srt to sup, and how to add you subtitles to dvd (by using ifo edit)

I have both the avi (movie) and srt (subs) files and they are in sync. I used to use Sonic MyDVD Studio Delux to author my DVD’s but now that I have gotten into editing and subtitiles I had to move to something more versitile. I picked up (at no small expense) a copy of DVD-lab Pro and downed subtitle workshop. I used subtitle workshop to make sure the subs were in sync but cant figure out how to embed them in the avi file.
Do I do this in Subtitle Workshop or DVD-lab? Also, DVD-lad does not seem to like avi?
I want to burn these projects to DVD…
Anyone got any sugjestions?

We have a Tutorial here that expalins how to convert your Divx/Xvid AVI to DVD and incorporate your srt sub files. Check it out at

Thanks all. I’ll check out both links, but it looks ike the one from the Chicken explicity leaves out subs.

Thanks again.

Arr… well you obviously havent read it then. No probs, looks like like what I’ve been doing for the past few years hasnt worked then :smiley: I must go and turn all those subs off.

I was refering to this <“with 1 audio track and no subtitles”> that I saw when I skimmed. I had, however gone back and read the whole document and saw this <"(subtitles can be included however, read below)> so I am giving it a try

Thanks for the heads up ChickenMan.

Hey ChickenMan, I’ve been going over your article. Great details. Thanks. But I have just made a sizable investment in DVDLab and would like to use it. From your text:

“TMPGEnc DVD Author does NOT support any Subtitles at this point of time, so if your intending to import Subtitles, then you will have to use DVDLab Pro for this or permanently include then during the DVD2SVCD process. My other DVD to DVD±R Tutorial describes how to use Maestro for authoring. DVDLab is a “Maestro look alike” and if you can use one, then you should be able to use the other with little problems.”

Could you post a link to your tutorial describing the use of Maestro you talk about above. Much appreciated.


I must update the Tutorial, but then again I have little time to do so, as you know I dont come here often anymore.

Just use the Internal DVD Author and it will do the job for you, it works great and is free. Just select DVDAuthor in the Image tab, set Subtiles to be on and select DVD Subs, that way you can turn them on or off when your playing it on the TV. You can use Ifoedit to have them turned on by default if you prefer.

The Tutorial with Maestro is the DVD to DVDR tutorial

does anyone know any sites where I can download srt or any other type of sub files?


thanks chickenman… actually found it last night almost after I posted this… found some other ones to:

but I found that all 3 sites are more than enough for everyone’s needs.

cheer bro :slight_smile:

You can search 22 subtitle sites simultaneously at