SRT and AVI won't play together

Hello all you smart people :wink:

Here it is:

-I have House of Flying Daggers in 2 parts, CD1 CD2
both avi’s have a sub and idx file that works but they’re in chinese :doh:
-I downloaded a srt file with all the english subtitles for the movie :iagree:
-Installed VobSub_2.23 and vsfilter.2.37_nt so srt files will work in MP
-the english subtitle srt file isn’t split into 2 parts
-I tried cutting out half of the subs within the file in hopes to get it to work
as well I joined the files into one avi but either way won’t work

Basically when I play the file in MP with the srt file (same name of course)
the mp skips from playlist playing clip: house of flying daggers and I only
get a black screen as though the srt file won’t load with the avi
The avi plays fine if I take the srt file out of the directory the avi is in

WHY can’t MP play the srt at the same time? heres the format of the srt:

00:00:24,991 --> 00:00:26,015
CHINA 859 A.D.

00:00:26,226 --> 00:00:27,420
After 241 years of prosperity,

00:00:27,627 --> 00:00:29,754
the Tang Dynasty is in decline.

01:48:45,218 --> 01:48:49,746
that has been more cherished

01:48:51,324 --> 01:48:56,284
than a beauty like this.


Please help,

fixed it… i uninstalled and reinstalled the vobsub program, rebooted and it worked.
however now I get 2 subtitles one in bold in middle of screen, and another in little
letters at the bottom left.

New question, lol, anyone know y ihave 2 subs saying the same thing? lol

It would have been all easier if you wouldn’t use illegal obtained copyrighted material. :(((