SRS Labs adds 6.1 audio to the conventional compact disc

I just posted the article SRS Labs adds 6.1 audio to the conventional compact disc.

We have SACD and also DVD-A, but you need a special player for those type of discs. In the meantime, SRS has tried to come up with a compromise to bide the time until these newer modes…

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With the Advent of DVD-A,SACD And Soon Blu-Ray this seems pointless.

except DVD-A and SACD require me to hook up 5 analog cables from the player to my receiver, I will stick with CD until optical or digital coax works.

Isn’t this just like Dolby Pro Logic IIx? Besides, on the basis of their awful fake 3D system SRS WOW, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

That’s only because your amplifier can’t decode DVD-A. If it could do that you could use the digital (optical og coax) cable.

Almost all ‘digital’ outputs at this point do not transmit DVD-A surround channels, so it does not matter if the amp can or can not decode it. Negative side about using analog out is the fact that the amps will just re-encode/covert the signal again.
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