Srry that i seem to have upset 1 of you

srry that i have upset 1 of you and i am srry that i asked for help but i thouoght that was the idea of this i only joined yesterday and dont think i will be back after the reply i got , i could not find the bit for to makew a new thread but have now and i am so sorry that a newbie like me asked a question that has been asked a good few times before but i could not find what i needed to know on the subject gl to any other newbies

You´re welcome here, don´t care about this answer, you are new and you have to learn, now you´ve found the button for the new thread and told us that you havent found what you need.

best time to ask your question again in a new thread.

we are happy to help.

cya around here

… welcome tropicannauk … don’t let it bring you down, there are a lot of people who are thinking,
. . they were born as a genius, most of them are definite the opposite.

… “even a big journey starts with the first step” :iagree:

Welcome to the forum tropicannauk.

Don’t worry about the mistake so long as you learn from it. Thats why this is the Newbie forum, me and others are here to sort these little problems out.

I’ve split your post to a new thread for you. You can now view it at,

Since that is about it I will close this one down.