I need help with a file called srng.exe that loads at startup and is very annoying. I used msconfig to remove it from startup but it still stays in the task manager. Is this a virus related file or a spyware related file. I am running Windows XP Pro. Thanks for your help.

I believe it is spyware, see Here and Here

i use a tool calles add-aware that removes spyware and pop-ups

but i don’t know if there is a demo available for it

the regular version of Ad-Aware is free. u can get it from the official website.

according to the links, its integrated itself into IE. ad - aware is probably your best option.

Ad-aware all the way. Also removing from msconfig was smart. But try to see its path and deleting the file from the hdd if for whatever reason ad-aware doesn’t. Also make sure if you on 2k or XP to make sure its not in your services, otherwise disable there as well before rebooting.

People that make spyware should have intestinal worms. :wink: