Squishing a movie down to size

Hi how are you? I’m Gumby777, and new to this forum. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself :clap: at the moment because I’ve just downloaded my first ever DVD movie onto my hard drive. Thinking I knew what I was doing, I then went and grabbed a blank DVD to burn it onto, only to find that the blank DVD is only 4.7gb and I need to copy a 6.58 gb movie.

What do I do ? I’m totally new at this. Can I buy a larger size blank DVD to fit on, or is the 4.7gb the only one available… perhaps there’s some swanky kind of program I can use to ‘squish’ the movie down to size. I dunno. There I was thinking I was so damn clever :doh: but I’m obviously not. Appreciate any good advice.

If your burner will support it, you can buy double layer blank DVDs to back up the movie but they are quite expensive. Most people here use +R DL, and don’t trust anything other than Verbatim brand.

For squishing a movie to fit on a single layer DVD (DVD-5) try DVD Shrink. There are guides on how to use it over on AfterDawn forum:


Awesome ! thanks so much. :kiss:

What format did it come downloaded in for the dvd movie? Did you test to make sure the source movie was downloaded properly and will play from your computer assuming it is playeable in it’s downloaded format before attempting to burn to dvd media?

Maybe he just meant “ripping” instead of “downloading” to hdd…