Squished video recording

I posted this question before, but don’t know if it was the right place as I’m new here.
I used ConvertxtoDvd to convert “A Beautiful Mind” from avi to ntsc on dvd. After converting and recording, the video part of the movie on the dvd was in widescreen, although I’d chosen fullscreen, and the picture was really squished, making the actors look like little fat chubby people. There was a lot of black above and below the image band. This video is long, and it was available to me on one dvd, so I tried to burn it on one dvd as well, and got this problem. Watching the movie from the hard drive, it looks normal on the computer screen, but when watching it on dvd, it looks awful…the video band being very narrow. Why would the final conversion be like this? Thanks for any help you may give.

Check your settings. I assume you have an older 4:3 TV? Settings > DVD Spec > 4:3.

Add your AVI, then > Video > Video Resize. Check/choose there until it looks right, then OK and hit the check mark on the main screen to lock it in.

I played it on the computer immediately after burning it to verify it had burned properly, and it displayed on the computer screen squished that way. I’ve never had a movie do that before. When I played it on tv, same thing. It is obviously something to do with the ConvertxtoDvd program, but don’t know what. Any other ideas???