Squirrels i saw today

so i was walking along the quad today, and i saw two squirrels. being the springtime and all, they were doing dirty, dirty things. i dont know how to say this without being vulgar and crass, so im just gonna spit it all out.

one squirrel was on top of the other, doggystyle, and then they switched.

is this normal? random thought. i didnt actually go up and ask them what sex they were. didnt stop and stare. just noted it in my mind, rode my bike home, and posted it here so some other folks could bask in my day. weeeeee

Hehe, yes, homosexuality and animals… What a nice topic :wink:
Did you know that in an african region 94% of all contacts between giraffes are male/male ?
Also 40% of the female macaques have fun together
I once got a nice picture of two male lions doing it :bigsmile:

So if you ever thought animals don’t do it for the fun - think twice

You should ask Rusty

Man, I would never think to post something like that. Great stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps a new poll?
Accept/Ban gay squirrrels?
New-new poll?How to punish gay squirrels?
New-new-new poll?Should we allow gay squirrels dress in leather and drive Harley´s??

Good one Mr B. :bigsmile:

When Rusty went to bed, his mother came to tuck him in. “Now, Rusty, there’s something I want you to remember,” she said. “Don’t play with yourself, or you’ll go blind.” “Okay, mom,” said Rusty. He wondered if he could just do it until he needed glasses.

After Rusty was in bed, Mother and Father talked things over.
“I think Rusty may be a homosexual,” said Father.
“It certainly seems that way,” said Mother. “What ever can we do about it?”
“I think we should have a talk with him and put the fear of God in him,” said Father.

Speaking of squirrels…