Squeeky screen



Ive had my pc custom built and got a second hand screen to save money. However the screen keeps letting of a high pitched squeek, even though there is no connnection to any kind of speaker. I read somewhere on the internet that it could be the “gamma” of the screen, but because i have no idea what that means, it doesnt help much. Does anyone have any clue how to stop the squeeking?


WD40? :bigsmile:

Just kidding…you should be able to adjust the gamma in your graphics card settings, I think? Can’t see how that would stop it squeaking, but hey…I don’t know much about monitors, and that’s all I can think of regarding the gamma thing.


One of the few things in a monitor to make noise is the high voltage switching circuits. I hope yours is not on the way out


Bkf is right…sounds very mutch like the HV transformer or the power connection onto the gooseneck of the tube. Monitors eat up a lot of juice and when they start going wrong they can make all sorts of funny high-pitched noises.
1/ Don’t try to fix it yourself…tubes act like big condensors and give you one hell of a zap, even when they’re off.
2/ Get it checked by a professional and weigh up the cost of fixing it versus replacing it…maybe it’s time for a new LCD screen, huh???


That’s true, for God’s sake don’t open it up yourself.

They’re coming down in price now, since I bought mine (~4 years ago, around £150 then). I’m sure you’ll be able to find something pretty decent for not much.


Ok… ill get a new screen, as soon as i can afford one or this one gives up its ghost, anyway its a poo crt monitor anyway, and as I have no clue as to what i would do if i did open it, i think that ill stick with your advice of getting a professional to take a look at it.


Mine’s a CRT (no posh LCD for me…yet :sad: ). The connectors on the back of mine have started acting up (I have to fiddle with them every day just to get the picture back to normal) - so I might spring for one soon myself.

If you decide to get a new one, let us know what you get, and for how much…as has been suggested, it may be cheaper to buy a new one, rather than get someone to look at it - depends on what they charge.


Normal with my CRT too, depending on the res/depth changes it performs.


The squeal from a PC CRT monitor is caused by the high frequency vertical and horizontal deflection outputs, and a slight amount of this sound is normal. But if it is loud enough to post about, somthing may be amiss. Perhaps you monitor is being run at a resolution or refresh rate that it (or Windows default drivers) are not certified to run. Had that happen to me once and the noise was bothersome.

I would recommend downloading and installing the latest drivers for your monitor and video display card (or Mobo-integrated GPU). In Windows Display Properties > Settings > Advanced > Monitor, make sure the “Hide the modes this monitor cannot display” option is checked. Then choose the resolution and refresh rate you prefer out of the available options. There may be certain combinations of those setting that run quieter than others.

If the squeal were cause by a failing componant or high voltage arcing, you would smell ozone or an electrical burning smell…