Squares appear on burned dvd

I’m using VSO Divx to DVD to convert from avi to DVD and then burning with Clone DVD. I’m using slowest conversion speed and slowest burning speed with no other programs running. I also defrag once a week.

The burned dvd always has ‘squares’ appearing on the picture every few seconds and so spoils the movie altogether. I have tried converting with tMPG which takes too long and give similar results.

I’m using good quality media and new dvd burner also.

What am I doing wrong? Please keep replies fairly simple.

It’s called pixelation & is caused by bad burn quality.

What burner are you using & what is the “quality” media? Using Nero’s CD-DVD Speed , disc info tab & saving the image as a PNG & posting it back here will tell us a lot.

Try burning at the rated speed of the media , not the slowest possible as it is somewhat of a myth that burning slow gives the best results.

It’s actually called artifacting, and bad burn quality can be one of the causes, but it’s not the only one. If the video bitrate is too low (or if the video encoder/transcoder sucks), then there won’t be enough bits to distribute across the image to create a suitable picture. To determine which one it is, try playing the output from VSO directly on your computer with dvd playing software before burning it. If you see artifacting on your computer even before burning the dvd, then it’s a problem with the way VSO is encoding your avi to dvd. If the artifacts don’t appear until after you burn your dvd, then it’s either a quality problem or an inability of your dvd player to read your burned dvds. You might want to try playing your already-burned dvds on your computer to see if there’s any artifacting; if there’s no artifacting on your computer, then your standalone dvd player isn’t as capable as your computer’s dvd drive in reading burned dvds.

I stand corrected on the terminology. :bow:

Terms shmerms…i knew what you meant :wink:

Thank you. I knew what I meant as well so that makes 2 of us.

Just to be clear, I wasn’t trying to belittle anyone when I said it was called artifacting. It’s just easier to search for solutions when everyone uses the same terminology, just like trying to search for “booksetting” won’t return too many results even though I’m sure everyone knows that I mean booktyping and/or bitsetting.

you could be right. No pixelation on the computer (when using the DVD Disc) but only on the dvd player. I have 2 players and one is worse than the other.

No offence was taken so don’t worry about it.

I’m here to learn as well as help & I agree that it does make it easier when we all talk the same language - as in terminology.

What is the media you’re using. A Nero CD-DVD Speed disk info image will help us alot with the media , burner & firmware version.

Is this what you need?

hope this helps you. Once again many thanks.

Nero CD.doc (72.5 KB)