Spyware Software Comparison

:slight_smile: I hope this is the correct forum for this but I found a good comparison of spyware apps on pcworld.com, some interesting results for SpyBot users!!! :confused:

I may be a stupid moron, but I stopped reading the reviews of established magazines and websites. They tend to play favourites with the sponsors. I bet in few months we will find out that Microsoft has the Editor’s Choice. Whould you trust MS for your Spyware/Adaware removal? ( cough, Alexa) :frowning:

and here I thought those big ads in the mag for the stuff getting good reviews was just a coincidence. LOL

Adaware would have been rated higher if they actually paid for it. The free version is limited. I’m surprized they didn’t pay for the professional edition when they paid for Spysweeper and counterspy. :confused: Or did they? :wink:

I will admit though, Spysweeper has picked up traces of spyware after scans of Spybot and the Adaware personal. I use it from time to time.

:stuck_out_tongue: Well I have never taken “reviews of established magazines and websites” as gospel, so the only thing I can count on is my extensive hands on experience with these products, (all but two). With some finding suspect files that another did not find. Granted none of the files found were ever considered “high risk”, it is great that they were detected. But what I do is analytically decipher all the info I get from countless sources about the subject and the results from the products themselves and then I post my opinion while also understanding the value of a controlled group test and it’s corresponding results. :bigsmile: