Spyware progy ( Pest patrol )

http://www.pestpatrol.com/Products/ I need info if anyone used this progy and if they like it.

itz brilliant. i always avoided it thinking it was no good. but once i had tried it i had to have it. great product.

My personal opinion, go with ad aware and spybot. You can’t go wrong between the two of them, or at least, i havent gone wrong.

I Agree

I used to use it years ago but it was a very bloated program for what it did. I just use Adaware and Spybot. Free and they work great.

it appears by running pest patrol it finds more then adware and spybot that is why I am asking, even if adware and spybot are up to date.

I thing the other two find more signatures. If you have a trial version I would try it and do some tests against the other two. :wink:

My personal preference is to run

ad-aware, spysweeper, then spybot, then cwshredder. And if that doesn’t fix it…Hijack This (very powerful but if you dont know what your looking for you can seriously mess up your computer). Also you need to run it under each user profile on a computer (because some of the spyware redirectors hide in the registry). Its really never failed to find the spyware in my tries.

other than this i know of some hidden spyware that nothing finds that causes popups (it hides as random file names in the windows system or system32 directory hidden as hidden system files which can only be deleted in safe mode)

When you work as a computer technician for years you find out how to recognize what should and shouldn’t be loading when you start up a computer (as a general rule random file names are generally no good)

Hahahaha, very thourough man. However, my afforementioned method never failed to find all the spyware either. :smiley:

I only run Adaware (since ever) once a day! However, I dont have much trouble with spyware at all. You can dramatically reduce the infection ratio by setting your browser’s privacy rules to generally disallow 3rd-party cookies from other sites than the one u r on.