Spyware problem

I have some questions. I need to know if anybody has any websites on virus and spyware to help me learn about it. I am trying to romove some spyware but when I run adware it says that it can not remove all of the spyware. Could somebody gave me some ideas. I also heard that when you get spyware it damages your internet connection. And you have to restore something to fix it.

Another problem, When I cut my computer on sometimes my interconnection works and sometimes it doesn’t, if it doesn’t work then I have to disconnect the power cord from my router, wait 15 seconds then plug it back up. Then I click on my browser and most of the time this works. Sometimes, I have to do it a lot.

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by the sound of it they are haveing a field day on your pc man big time :iagree: can i have your ip to join in the fun :stuck_out_tongue: na just get this spyware remover http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/spyware/software/default.mspx

and run it and adware remover can get just some spyware it is not made for the use of spyware just adware.

as for the internet fix thing just reinstall the soft ware that you use for the internet connection like AOL or what ever and that should fix it

if you need more help we are here so just add post to this trend :iagree:

Have you set your router to clone the MAC address of the network card where the cable/dsl modem was originally attached? Sometimes ISPs need a unique MAC address to avoid collisions. Doing this sometimes solves the problem that you are mentioning. This problem may not be caused by spyware.

a few of spywares dont get uninstalled when you are running windows on normal mode so you need to restart your computer on safe mode and run Adware or Spybot which helps a lot… try it out.

Here’s a good web site for you to take a look at.
click on the “Anti-parasite quick fix”
Go through all the steps, do not skip any.
If you still have problems Post your “Hijack This Log”
on their forum in the section called…Hijack this logs.


couple of weeks ago I help’t someone with the exact same problem.Answer,empty your temporary internet files.Empty your cookies and then run ad-aware.That should work.

sometimes spyware is in your system restore information as well. i treat it like a virus.

definitely try starting in safemode, as it helps a lot. make sure you have the latest versions of your spyware removal tools. adaware and spybot search and destroy usually work well together.