Spyware Doctor install problems

First off I am a complete newbie when it comes to computers, so any help would be appreciated.
About a week ago I downloaded the trial version of PC Tools Spyware Doctor. Then I went and did something stupid and wrong, I downloaded the serial number for the retail version from a naughty crack site. Well the serial worked for about a day and then expired, so I uninstalled the program & deleted the setup program.
Now I recently downloaded the program again to install and this time it asks me for a registration number before I can open the program. I realise this must be some punishment from the company and rightly so, but I would like to be honest this time & at least try the trial version. My question is, Has the program put something into my registry or somewhere else that shows that I have tried an illegal serial before & how would I get rid of it?,
Thanks for any help,


Hi :slight_smile:
Yes there’s an entry in reg. Otherwise with trials at the end you could simply uninstall, then reinstall. The fact that you entered a serial #, means it will continue to require one.

Just use Spy bot, Adaware and Microsoft antispyware they are all free and should get most if not all.

Hi :slight_smile:
I use MS antispyware + this , also free.

Thanks guys for all your help & suggestions,
I’ll give the other programs suggested a go,
thanks again,