Spyware,cookies,and ads

thanks for all the good info here. Is there some control over the cookies or ads here? My anti-spyware reports your cookies as a type of spyware, like a tracking cookie I think. Secondly there is a ad that pops up over the search function in the forum that prevents you from entering a search term in the blank space. Its covered up by the ad, the ad trying to force you to click it. Does anyone here have control over such things and can inform me about the cookie and get rid of that damn ad :bow: or move it? Thanks.


Try using Firefox with the Ad-block extension to deal with the ads.

If you want the forum to remember who you are, so you don’t have to sign in all the time, you need to allow the cdfreaks cookie.

What Ad?
It doesn’t appear in either IE6 or Firefox here …

It shows up when I click on forum home or newbies forum. But not evey single time, which I just found out. Here is a pic. See it under the search link? When you click on search it hides under the ad.

Well its lets hassle for everyone if I just use adblock with firefox like
suggested. Image shown just so you could see it. I’m not trying to hassle anyone. Thanks.

Good idea, thanks sikoone :cool:

Quick, Admins delete the thread before everyone realises it’s possible & kills the forums source of income :wink:

I think he’s talking about this ad that hovers under the search button. And I’m using IE6

I thought about that before i posted, but i just wanted to help too. :slight_smile:

No such ad is showing in FF, maybe it’s an IE thing.

My spyware prog has never shown cookies from this site as spyware, mind you neither has my AV which scans for such too.

i’ve had that particular ad that obscures the search box before. I think it’s just luck of the draw which ads you get as I’m sure they are on a rather random rotating basis.

i’ve never had the cookies come up as spyware…if it bothers you then just disable cookes for the site. It would drive me crazy if I had to log in every time I came here though!