Just done a search using spysweeper for spyware on my pc and it says a cookie from this site (cdfreaks) is spyware could you tell me why spysweeper says this please?

To quote

Traces found 6 Cd freaks (spy cookie)

cdfreaks is a spy cookie that may track the unique vistor to a web site, as well as their personal prefences.

not to sure on this, but it may keep info of your login details, so you don’t have to log in all the time.

I may also be completly wrong…!

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Hope this reassures you.

I use spy sweeper 4.5 and I have that same problem

Spysweeper is too picky IMO

It detects any cookie with just about any tracking info, even the type we use here to simply remember your log-in an dtreats it as a possible malicious spyware related cookie.

On onem side, this is great because you can never be too cautios, on the other, sometimes being too picky is misleading and some of the good get pointed at as being bad.