Dear Friends,

I’m searching in a program like Bus hound.
It’s a very expensive soft so I can’t buy it :frowning:
I’m interested how do copy protections work and would like to know what i/o operations are made when the executable
verifies the protected CD.Any links , any usefull information are wellcome.

hey, i can’t help you much, but there are tools that you can copy-protect your games or audio-cds, data cds with…
simply use google or check sites like www.gamecopyworld.com, there you find more info
or forgot www.cdmediaworld.com :bow: :Z

Well I know where to get copy protection tools but still I need a tool to trace what do the protected games exactly do to verify the CD.

A lot of companys don’t like to advertise how exactly they protect their cd’s but I have found this document that explains the common safedisc protection

It’s ment for WINE users, but the info’s in there.

Dear Petera,

Thanks for the file.Still I did not mean specifications how is the protection added on the CD (bad sectors,subchannel modification,twinsectors etc).I ment a program that can see what does the drive do (I/O) when the protected CD is inserted and the protected exe is lunched.

Sorry MateuszMiX, this is really not my area of expetese.

Maybe someone else out there could help…

moved here, spath will probably be able to help you out.

Nothing much to say on this, I don’t know any
public free tool which does that. If you can
afford it, get bustrace (www.bustrace.com, so
much better than bushound) or code your own
ASPI spy (quite easy starting from adaptec’s sdk

<I’m interested how do copy protections work…

well , just analysing the cdrom i/o will not bring you very far in most cases. If you’re really curious about how cd-protections work you should consider learning how to reverse engineer software. A good start for cd protection reversing is yates’ cdchecks.cjb.net. (wich is currently down, but you should be able to fetch it through some web indexer like archive.org ).

Lots of questions about hardware related protection features ( ie how does securom work , how do weak sectors work) have been answered on this forum.Just read trough all the threads…

Thanks for the information.I would like tyo know the cdrom i/o becouse I would like to know what the drive does to verify the CD.Yes I know that I can read about how does securom work etc etc. For example I’m interested what does exactly the drive do when I lunch a StarForce protected CD.

Still many thanks for your help

it reads a lot of sectors periodically. nothing very interesting here…

Like oh so often: Timing is essential :wink: