SpyderTV Software

I can load the SpyderTV software on my PC running XP but can’t load it on my laptop running Vista Home. First of all, SpyderTV in not on the hard drive, it fails to load from the CD Software disc. That is when the error occurs.

Second, I tried copying the SpyderTV software onto the hard drive into a folder I created called “SpyderTV”. Then I checked the ‘run as administrator’ box in the Setup application, rebooted, same error. I also right clicked on setup, clicked on ‘run as administrator’ but received the same error. The problem seems to be with the Vista “installer”. I get the ‘preparing to install’ message, then the ‘Welcome to the SpyderTV Installation Wizard’ screen, click next, then the ‘Fatal error’ message saying ‘Installation ended prematurely because of an error’. No error code, just the message. Does anyone have any ideas? Colorvision swears the software runs on Vista but so far can’t help me.