Spybot vs Ad-Aware

I’ve been running the said programs on a regular basis,and have
come to the conclusion that Spybot detects more spyware than
Ad-aware. Do other users of these programs agree/disagree?

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I have tried both. I ran Spybot after using adware and it found some other thigs that wern’t remove by adware. Unfortunatly I don’t know how many things spyware would have found first as I didn’t run it.

The think the best thing to do is to run all of them and hope that they all find different things and remove them all.

I use both. For personal use, I wouldn’t really need any of them, as I don’t use KaZaa, Internet exploder etc etc. I make use of them both though, as many people don’t know how to maintain their PC (or make use of cranky software) and I must say that they both have their strong and weak points. Spybot has a larger database than Adaware has, but Adaware seems often to be more up to date than Spybot is.

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I use both.
The same here. I’ve been using the combo for quire a while now.

Spybot S&D 1.3 b6 is the current version.

I use both as well.

Spybot seemt to be more intrusive though, which all in all may not be a bad thing. It will rip the adware out of programs that need it to run while Adaware seems to leave software alone for the most part.