Spy Sweeper

:frowning: Anybody else out there that uses Spy Sweeper from Webroot having probs updating definitions and actually getting onto the website itself? I have been trying for about 4 days now!!! :confused:

i use the same program and have had little trouble with yet

same here, i use it in conjunction with ad-watch from ad-aware

only annoying thing is it needs a lot of setting up in the beginning, esp if you keep all shields on, but once you set up all options and all, its stealth man

I’ve had problems with ad-watch active while using McAffee…Lavasoft’s Adware is good thought, just as Spybot search and destroy…

About your problem, don’t have any idea about those problems. Do you have any dns problem ?

:slight_smile: Well I have not had any probs with the progie itself it is just that webroot.com is the only site I cannot reach so it is probably not dns since the program itself cannot update definitions or the news that the program gives you cannot update itself, just let me know if you can access the webroot.com site. It was working Friday the 8th and my system has no changes! :confused:

Yeah, sure, no problem entering www.webroot.com

updated just 2 minutes ago on one system and 2 days ago on another …no problems here

ive never used tht but i use spybot search and destroy very usefull no problems yet
if you want it go to

hope this helps

:confused: This is very unusual I have had no HW,SW changes and sweeper was working on Friday the 8th. I have Ad-Aware, Spybot and sweeper and run everynight before shutdown, run Norton AV 05, ZoneAlarm Pro, never with any probs. have tried uninstalling reinstalling spy sweep, have shutdown AV and FW while browsing (Win XP Pro SP2, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, last resort IE6) still a no go(it is the only website I cannot get too!!!) Does anybody have webroot IP? Thanks for all the input and if anybody has anything else, man I am listening, this damn app is kickin my ass!!! :a

:stuck_out_tongue: Well guess what? it was a dns prob after all (using RoadRunner ISP in San Antonio) I was on the line with Level 3 !!! Tech Support and they could not fix it even after telling them could ping everything else but not webroot.com, flushing and renewing sys dns, now I understand some url’s block pings for fear of dns attacks but I told them I also did a tracert and went right to webroot site. They could even reach the url from their own work confuser!!!. But guess what? Today I am able to update the software and connect to the site and I made zero changes to my sys!!! Should have listened to you nOBeLium instead of thinking was my sys!!! :bigsmile: