Spy Sweeper vs Ad-Aware and/or Spy Bot


A verson of Spy Sweeper is on sale this week and I was wondering if it was superior - equal to - or inferior to the free Ad-Aware and Spy Bot programs that I am currently using-

Would be very interested in your experiences-eh!



i’ve got spysweeper, but i find they all catch different things, as you’ll know, but it does warn you if a program is going to change your browser settings, i’d buy it.

use coupon code [B]NPQVBCJ[/B] to get it for $19.95

You should try the free " Spyware Blaster " it works hand in hand with Spybot and is very good. You have to update it every week (if you want autoupdate you have to pay. ) But it works with all the browsers (Firefox, Opera, and others.) Here is thelink.http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.html

although i only use spybot at home and it does fine (mostly because i take most all necessary precautions when surfing), spysweeper was able to cure my work PC of spy/adware when spybot couldn’t. whatever that’s worth.

I use all 3 of the programs you mentioned Mike, and Spysweeper is definently worth having. I would also use Spywareblaster as recommended by alan1476 to blacklist spyware.


Thanks for all the informed information-

Just got a new copy of Spy Sweeper off of Amazon for less than $10 including shipping-

edit here’s the link to the site I found the deal for $5.90 plus $3.49 shipping:


Did you check out if it will run on XP ??? I think the reason it’s so cheap is because it’s only for older OS before XP !!!
Platform: Windows Me / 2000 / 98 / NT

Maybe when he updates it he will get the newest program version which is XP compatible, let us know how it works out Mike. :iagree:

i think if u have latest ad adware pro ver then its best s/w :slight_smile:

i have used spy bot and spy sweeper but they were not as good as ad adware


The place I got it from went from $5.90 yesterday to $4.00 today - luck of the Irish I guess-

Also - pretty much - any program I have gotten in the past that works in NT has worked in XP for me - will let ya’ll know when I get it-


Well, I use Hitman Pro, it’s free and combines CW Shredder, Ad-Aware, Spybot, Spywareblaster, Spysweeper(trial), Spyware Doctor. Scanning time depends on having a host file or not (Spyware Doctor will scan this if present), without one it takes about 20 minutes to scan your computer.

cool, thanks for the info. might try this out.

One draw back with Hitman Pro.

I have yet to find an English translation.

what do you mean, an english translation? a manual or an english version?

I use Stopzilla and ZoneAlarm. It is good. I use Spy Sweeper and McAffee on my PC that I am using now.

I think SpySweeper is a worthy purchase for its scanning abilities, detection, etc… But it is a bloody rip-off because you are forced to renew your subscription for updates. I mean I’ve seen it sold for $39.99 some places, bloody rip-off, I have no problems in paying that price for software but don’t limit me with 1 year updates.

I would highly recmmend Spy Sweeper it detects much more than Spybot S&D and even AdAware, plus it also manages to locate stray registry entries and left over EXEs that others don’t detect. However, there are exceptions, there are cases where even S&D managed to detect stuff, and there are cases where AdAware SE detected stuff. I would personally use all 3 :smiley: I had a mother****** of a spyware on my PC a while ago it was called Spy Sheriff - Spybot S&D managed to detect and remove it and even locate some entries that the 2 others didn’t find (i was surprised).

An English version.

I’d like to be able to read the on screen instructions and prompts to make sure I’m selecting the right option.

It has been a while since I’ve visited Hitman Pro but the last time I attempted to run the program there were no English versions.

i downloaded an english version, i’ll try and find you it :slight_smile:

download it from here

This is absolutely awsome.
It simplifies things a whole lot.

Thanks for this effort, it is certainly appreciated.


Ok - Received the Spy Sweeper program today - loaded it ok - registered it - it updated itself to the current version - the only wrincle here is that it is good only for three months - then it expires - so the deal is not as good as it initially sounded-

(btw-it did not find anything on my 'puter)