Spy-software (dont know name)

Ok i recently messed up my hard-drive and gave it to a freind to fix he’s realy good on computers and my freind gave me a new hard-drive and my mate out of the blue said ive got a software where i can get peoples deleted files and if they format there computer he can still get the deleted files and im wonderin if he has done that to mine if so whats the program called and is there a way to block it?

oh yeah and he said something to do about the hard-drive with it.

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yh but i fink i posed it in the wrong forum.


In that case, PM’ing a Senior Mod/Admin, or the Mod of that forum if they’re online to move it for you, would have been the best course of action :wink:

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Perhaps it would be better if you told us exactly what is worrying you? That your friend can see your old files? It’s not really clear I’m afraid… :confused:

there are a lot of different programs that can recover “deleted” data. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. sometimes they can retrieve files, and the names are correct, but all the data inside is corrupted. sometimes it’s just the opposite…the files have gibberish filenames, but all of the data inside works. It really depends on how long it’s been since the stuff was deleted, hoe often teh drive has been used since then, the probability of overwriting that sector since the file was deleted, and whether or not your friend is using a reliable program.

the only way to get rid of your data for good is to do a low level format which not only deletes the data, but overwrites the entire drive with 0s. some people do 2 or 3 passes of “zeroing” the drive just to be safe.

you shouldn’t have given him your hard drive if you were worried about him finding data on there. or you should have requested your original hard drive back even if he gave you a new replacement drive.

also, this isn’t so much “spy” software as you state in your title but drive recovery software.

if you think your friend is out to spy on you then you might want to consider new friends!

im not woried abotu the data he finds im woried about him invadin my privacy.

I would advise you to get your old hard disk back and just don’t let him near your new one. He can’t do much without access to that.