Spy/mal/crap/ware blocks sites. Xabot found in Spybot S&D

Hi. I am not sure if this is in the right forum, but here goes…

My mum’s computer has been infected with spyware/malware. She scanned it with both Ad-aware, and Spybot S&D. But with Spybot, it has an error saying something about ‘Xabot’, then it stops the scan. She can’t update either of them, but luckilly we are over a network, so I sent her the update files. But she scanned, and it doesn’t seem to unblock some sites. It is blocking all get-rid-of-spyware related sites. Also, you can’t update them.
She can seem to update NAV (Norton AntiVirus), but it can’t find any viruses.

If you want any more information, just ask :slight_smile:

Thanks heaps in advance :bow:

your hosts file has been modified to redirect all traffic from those sites back to your computer

If your using xp open the file
(its a text file without an extension so dont save it as a text file)

remove any line that doesn’t start with # or doesn’t say localhost
(be sure to scroll all the way down. some of the modified ones hide them off the screen of the editor and you have to have internet explorer closed to save it properly)

Then reboot.

if that doesn’t work, find a program named “Winsock XP”

Just do a search for that on google, download and run it and run it

Yeah, I figured that one out on my own alrady. But thanks! :smiley:
But I still don’t know about that ‘Xabot’…

Xabot is a worm, see this link for more information.

1 step ahead of ya :wink:

This should solve the Xabot problem in Spybot…