SPTD help

I downloaded SPTD 1.38. It is installed and I have no problems. Im trying to make an image of my DVD Battlefield 2142. How do i get Daemon tools to use this driver so i can play the game? Ive already made an image using the latest alcohol 120%.

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When you update the SPTD driver DaemonTools and Alcohol will probably use the same version as they’re virtual drive technology is the same so both are using SPTD driver. You’ll need some anti blacklisting tool like yasu to run your image from a virtual drive.


Im using yasu 1.03.

im still getting the deadly insert disc message

i made the image with high DPM and skip read errors both checked, however my NEC drive did not work with the DPM scan. should skip read errors be checked?

should i have any emulation settings on daemon tools checked, im using the latest version.

Has anyone successfully backed up Battlefield 2142 in any way?

When they say disabling their IDE drives, do they mean literally inplugging them or disabling them in the device manager?

For SafeDisc disable them in the device manager if it doesn’t work you can still unplug them. Latest yasu version is 1.05 can be found here .

When i make an image of the safedisc 4.7 dvd, what should i have alcohol do, like should i have it skip read errors, and or dpm measurement. My NEC and A-Open drives both failed at DPM measurement. I could try it with my Plextor 716A when I return from holiday. What should i do? I will try yasu 1.05 but i dont know what settings to use for when making the image. (I make MDF/MDS images). :rolleyes:

Just check skip reading errors.