SpruceUP problem when making a mulit-movie DVD

Right, here we go. I was trying make a multi-movie DVD for the kids, yes, from original retail DVDs.

This is what happened. Remember this though…both of these films are in PAL format.

First off, I used DVD2ONE to rezise them down. I then made both films into an ISO image with winISO so I could mount them onto a Virtual drive. After mounting them, I used DVD decrypter to demux the audio/video files, that went ok.

The audio came out with a .vob extension and the video with a .m2v extension. I then ran the audio file into BeSweet with the VOBinput plugin installed and turned it into a proper AC3 file.

I then loaded them up into SpruceUP, made a custom menu and buttons, tested in simulation mode and everything ran fine.
Now, here is where it went wrong…as I tried to create a title set of vobs for burning, SpruceUP threw a fit claiming the output was NTSC!!! and I could not go any further. I know I set the project to PAL before I started, so I know it should have worked. In fact, I tried several times after and I know 100% it was set to PAL DVD and not NTSC, but SpruceUP decided it was gonna output to NTSC!

Anyone know where I went wrong here?

SpruceUp can be a bit un-forgiving with some media assets. Try using TMPGenc DVD Author, DVDLab or Maestro instead.