Spruce Up takes days to create file

I have created an m2v and ac3 files from an AVI. I used TMPGenc to obtain the M2v and a Wav file. I then used BeSweet to create an AC3 file from the WAV. I have followed the Spruce Up instructions in the AVI to DVD tutorial. This has created a movie which I am now trying to export. However, I am now 10 hours in and it has only created 15% of the movie. I have a 1.4Ghz machine, 512Mb of RAM and plenty of hard disk. What am I doing wrong?

i had the same problem and the solution was:

  • the video wasn’t the right format
    try encoding your video with main concept media encoder (and only use the dvd-video option in this proggy!)

this seems to happen if spruce is transcoding the video again… :wink: shit happens occasionally

Follow the AVI to DVD tute but use CCE as I explain, it will work 100% everytime. I do not recommend TMPGenc for making DVD’s from AVI’s, CCE seams to get signifiicantly better pic quality from AVI’s than TMPGenc does.