Spring is here!



Today I was struck by major spring feelings and just had to go out into the sun. For the first time this year its warmer outside than inside (in the sun). Birds chirped and the snow is melting away, and only the occasional breeze disturb the perfect temperature. Hopefully spring will stay (unless OC steals it, that darned weather-stealer! :D)

So how is your day?
The sun makes you happy! Go out into the sun! :slight_smile:


were is almost 20 ºc :wink:


No sun here. :frowning: :sad:


life is not easy :p:p:p


Too cold yet.


Well, it’s not here for sure!


WTH is spring, -2 °C here


Spring sucks here. It’s cold and wet. Even more so than normal.


If you call it spring, let it be.


Too cold here as well :frowning: Its gonna rain and snow this weekend :frowning:

Hoping for better days…


Its OC-Freak I tell you, he steals our beloved weather!


It’s cold here too! Although the sun is out and shining. Our warm day was on Sunday, absolutely gorgeous then we got hit with really cold below freezing temperatures yesterday with wind and a little snow in the mix. At least that’s over again although Friday has the potential for that type of stuff. :frowning: But at least the temperatures on average are starting to go up! :bigsmile:


We have had colder then normal winters with more snow the usual the last few years. The people screaming about global warming have suddenly become very silent around here (thats because they had snowballs thrown at them).


The sun doesn’t get up before I have to anymore. It’s autumn here :frowning:


I will have more spring in my steps with all this balmy weather