Spring Break in Daytona Beach Florida

With the coming of spring break the police in Daytona Beach, Florida have been instructed to enforce the ban against women going topless. The women claim that since the men are allowed to go topless they should be allowed to go topless. Do you agree or disagree and why?

I can’t possibly make an informed decision on this very technical question without more specifics. Please post pictures and I will do my best.

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Yep, we need pics for a unbiassed decision. :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree:


Gotta have the pictures!!


are there any decent web-cams on the beach?

It only seems fair, if men can go topless, we should be allowed as well.

I read a very funny artical a few months back about Hollywood.
Apparenty a women was arrested for going topless in public. 75 meters away was the largest hardcore porn studio in hollywood. :smiley:

This argument comes up every now an then, pretty old argument, but never was accepted, and my guess, never will on regular beaches and regular public places in USA.

Yup. Just think of all the conservatives salivating away.

I never gave you my opinion (and I know none of you care if I do). I am in favor of women going topless. Hey if they want to go bottomless thats fine with me. To everyone asking for photos please take a cold shower.

There are places in Florida where the average age is 80. Do you want to see them naked?

I have been down to Daytona during Spring Break. Usually the cops let anything go until there are complaints and then they may crack down on having sex on the beach.

BTW how many women members of CDFreaks have gone topless on the beach?

How many of the male members of CDFreaks have taken their clothes off at the beach only to have people yell at them that they have just eaten and they don’t want to barf, so would that person put his clothes back on?

Every summer, or in my back garden if the weather permits.

How rude! I have never witnessed anyone doing that.

I have a lot of friends who are happy to see and fully support seeing someone else’s wife or daughter go topless. But if their wife or daughter goes topless they have a stroke.

I have never been married and as far as I know don’t have any children but I encourage my girlfriend to go topless if that’s what she wants to do.

I have witnessed it many times and it is usually younger people screaming at older men.

Hehe… uptil now, that never happend to me. :smiley:

/me stands under a cold shower for more than an hour

But I still want to see pics! :iagree: :bigsmile:

Your wish is my command:

but not the topless one

Looks like Ill have to go see for my self

If you want to see what is going on turn to MTV’s Spring Break:

MTV’s Spring Break

I received a report from my family living in Florida that about the only thing they saw that was toppless was a bald headed man.