Spotty scans, but burn/transfers seem ok? [ND-2510A, G04]

Hi guys,

This is my first post on this forum and it seems like some good info is being passed around, so I was hoping some ppl would able to address some concerns of mine.

I got a ND-2510A from newegg a week or two ago, along with a pack of Ritek RiData DVD-R (G04) discs in a 50pack, which I’m kind of regretting now after reading so many reports of users having problems with them. I use Nero (6.something don’t remember the version #, i’m at work :stuck_out_tongue: ). I left the fireware the way I got it, so whatever the factory default was.

Now, I’ve burned maybe a half dozen or so discs, some data, some DVD videos, and the burns all seem to proceed fine and pass Nero’s verification. However, I realize that’s not the tell-all of disc integrity, so a few days ago I decided to scan my burns with Nero CD-DVD speed as a kind of cursory check. I decided to use my older DVD-rom to scan instead of the burner (ND-5800 I believe).

The DVD speed scans seem to be ok, only for some reason all of them take a sharp dip towards the end of the disc, instead of ending nicely like the scans I see in the reviews for the ND-2500A. However, for the last DVD I tried burning (a video), DVD speed would give me an “read error” about 95% of the way through the scan and abort. I took this as a sign of maybe flawed media, so I tried burning it again. Same thing happened. I tried DVD speed’s scandisc function and it reported a bunch of bad blocks at the end. I was about to throw it out as another coaster, but decided to try transferring the files from the original “bad burn” onto my hard drive, and that succeeded without any errors. I also took it to my DVD player and tried skipping through all the chapters, and that seemed to work fine too.

So, I was wondering where the problem is? Is it my burner, DVD speed, the G04s, or my computer? I guess I’m pretty paranoid when it comes to backing up data, especially if it’s by the gigs, so I want to make sure I have absolutely solid burns. Also, is there another program with functionality similar to Kprobe for my NEC burner that would be able to provide accurate error scans? (I tried DVDInfoPro, but that reported thousands of errors for pressed retail DVDs and my burns alike, so I’ve dismissed its reults) Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated!!

Its always better to scan your discs with a DVD Burner instead of a DVD-ROM. Try again but this time use the burner for scanning. The scanning results produced by DVD-ROMs can´t be trusted.

Actually, I’ve tried using DVD speed with my ND-2510A, and oddly enough it seems to produce worse results than the plain old DVD-rom… Maybe I’ve got a defective product?

I’m still curious why it would report errors in DVD speed and then transfer the files fine (and it seems to work in my DVD player, though I haven’t sat down and watched the whole thing).