Spotting Bit-Torrent Fakes

ok there might of been a similar post bout is somewhere…

but how do u best spot a bit-torrent fake before its too late, people say look at peers ( i use Utorrent) what do i need to look out for at the peers??

i also have : peerguardian 2 and Proto wall.

so if u could explain how to best spot a Bit-torrent fake , ranging from through the webpage u downloaded a torrent and via viewing peers etc.


Can anyone help me"???

What’s your definition of a fake?

For legal downloads this is rarely a problem but for illegal ones it often happens but the forum rules prohibit discussion of illegal downloading.


If you download pirated stuff you can expect the pirates will bite your A#se…sorry. It’s not worth the hassle and the risk of a visit from the boys in blue.

One way is the file has been available for at least a few days but has never completed and most peers are stalled in the 90% range with 1 seed. The MPAA has crews working full time seeding phony files that will never complete. And don’t know but thought I read that having both PeerGuardian and Protowall will cause a conflict.

Join a members only site, plenty of them around. I have never had a fake off any of them, they are exposed pretty quickly. Public sites are too risky for my taste

Here’s what the MPAA is doing:

Download torrents with fewer sources, I found that usually those are the real files. (I define a fake as a file that doesn’t match the file name/description)

A program called Torrent Spy is old but still works to see the files in a Torrent,How many Seeds/Peers, etc…pretty much in real time.

:sad:Have wasted more time than I care to admit with the public torrent sites . . . utter waste of time.

instead of looking for fakes…just buy legal copies. if it does not work you can reclaim your payment through paypal or your credit card if you are scammed.
if you download illegal torrents then carry on downloading those trojans and all .

well what all I can tell instead of going for the fake purchase legal one’s and thenuse them if they are not owrking then we can get the money from them.

Pretty much any kind of anti-virus guard type thing will conflict and cause problems if you run more then one.

Anything with a keygen is real, however it is spyware infested and illegal. Pay attention to people who leave comments about the file you’re downloading. Btjunkie (I think) is a members only torrent website. Try using that. Oh, and don’t download a file if nobody’s downloaded it. If you have spyware protection software(I have Norton 360), scan the file for possibe trojans after you download it.