Spotted : Winsonar 2004 XP

Winsonar 2004 XP Freeware Edition is a program specifically designed for process monitoring and system protection from unknown processes: the program detectes new processes permanently installed into memory while system is working off-line, offering also an active Internet protection, by optional automatic termination of any unknown process trying to load itself into memory when the system is on line.
The basic idea is that if the user could know a new program silently installed into memory when off-line, he could take appropriate countermeasures. Unfortunately this does not offer any protection against downloading a malware when the system is on-line.
For this reason the program detects the on-line status, asking then the user if an automatic termination of any unknown processes is desired (this option can be also enabled by default).
This leads to an active protection against trojan\spyware-infected e-mail attachments: even if the user unfortunately opens the attachment, the malicious executable process will be suddenly terminated, without having the time to perform any action.

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