Spotted EW164B at local shop, snatch or drop it?

As the title said, what say you ? :rolleyes:

You neglected to mention the price . . . ?

Do you need an external?
If yes, and the price is good, then why not? :wink:

Silly me, forgot to mention that price is no biggy for me, and either internal or external doesn’t matter.

The real question is does that model has any of those good olde Benq model’s feature ?

Hi :slight_smile:
This is the external version of the 1640. Possibly the best of the BenQ range. Certaihly if the SolidBurn etc interest you.

Hiya zebadee,

Wow, 1640 inside ! Really ? Ok, will snatch once I’ll visit that shop, better make a reservation 1st ! Thanks !!!

the price and the need to have an old and good BenQ are the 2 driving forces. You make the judgement

Well, it’s the good olde Benq force that lead me ! Thx ghetocowboy :slight_smile: !