Spots that looked unburn in the burned area - should I worry?



I just take the disc from the spindle, into the liteon burner and burn away. I didn’t notice any dirt or such on the bottom of the disc. I play it on a ps2 for a while and then I kprobe it. After I’m done kprobing, I take out the disc and see a some sort of debris, really small on the bottom. I wipe it off and I see a small spot in that part of the cd dye right under where the debris was. The spot is dark compared to the lighter parts that got written data. Should I worry about that? I kprobed the whole dvd and the highest PI I got was 120 and average of 55.


nothing to worry about if it works.


Its a PS2 game and its just a small part on the disc. I have only tried a small part of the game so I am unsure if it fully works.


well i guess you know what to do then. have fun playing!


if you have problems with the disc in the future, just make a new copy from the original.



I noticed this on one of my discs after I’d burned it.
Turned out the movie played fine until it got about halfway through (ie to the spot) then wouldn’t go any further.
Fortunately I still had the original files on computer so I was able to burn it again.
Obviously an imperfection in the disc but it will be a bummer if you get to some point in the game and it throws you out!