Spotify update fixes bug that could shorten SSD lifetime

We’ve just posted the following news: Spotify update fixes bug that could shorten SSD lifetime[newsimage][/newsimage]

A bug in the client of the popular music streaming service Spotify caused it to write so much data that it could shorten the lifetime of SSDs. According to tests performed by several Spotify users the client wrote up to 10GB per hour to the SSD.

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Well, this should embarrass the heck out of Spotify. If Spotify’s software developers aren’t embarrassed at all, then clearly they’re all mentally unstable. Seriously, I know modern proprietary software tends to suck, but I can’t imagine how this happened without someone noticing something before the software was released.

10 Gigs per hour is about what I would expect from a Windows 7 installation (the last time I installed Windows 7, it took about and hour and a half, so that’s actually pretty close). Assuming the data isn’t auto-deleted, this could easily screw with HDD users, too, since they only have so much disk space to spare.