Spotify music subscription service finally hits the U.S



Spotify music subscription service finally hits the U.S..

[newsimage][/newsimage]The ad supported, free, streaming music service Spotify is finally available in the U.S.  The service has been around in European countries for quite a few years but obstacles had to be overcome to get the service into the U.S.  Apparently international licensing is a mess to deal with.  Who knew?

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I only recently created a account, so I doubt I’d move onto a paid service plan. It sounds like an interesting premise nonetheless, but I wonder how it will perform given the number of already established music-sharing outlets.


The ability to pick the specific track that you want to listen to and play it for free is definitely appealing. Huge contrast with Pandora, which I would say is probably the most popular free US music service atm.


Wonder how long before Apple tries to sue them and stop them from selling their services over some patent real or imaginary…


i love spotify. i think they are well preserved from apple conquests with their recent love relationship with facebook.

i wonder however how long spotify is going to last and will apple be able to beat them at once from the beginning with their media Match service and the iCloud. all but to see.