Spontaneous Write Errors



I’ve burnt about 100 dvds with my nec 2500, and now randomly, i constantly get write erros (about 95% of the time) It is not the software (have tried 3 different kinds), it is not the media (have tried 3 different kinds, and is same as i have always used), and it is not the source files 9tried loads of those). Anyone know why i would randomly start to have a problem like this? The cd burning seems to work fine, just problems with dvd burning. It doesn’t always happen at the same spot. The error says “write error” on Nero, and sometimes says “could not complete disc at once” which doesn’t make much sense to me since i am burning images or files from the computer. I am trying to make dvd-video mostly. Anyone have any clue? your help would be very, very appreciated so i don’t have to go out and buy a whole new burner…yikes! I’ll post the error logs if anyone thinkgs they can make sense of them. You guys rock.


Have you tried the steps in my troubleshooting guide?
What are the MID codes of the discs you are using?
What version of Nero are you using?
Sure, you can post the Nero error logs, make sure to remove your serial number from the log.


hey thanks for responding. I wan’t sure if anyone was going to so I called up the place where i got it from and they are letting me do an exchange for a new one cause they think it is a hardware problem. If the new one doesn’t work either, you might be seeing another post from me on here pretty soon =) Hopefully you would be willing to try and help me again.


sure, let us know how the new writer turns out either way. :wink:


Hey, got my replacement burner today…and it works great! must of been a hardware issue. Thanks for the help wesociety!

By the way, must give props to mwave.com for replacing my drive at no cost and really promptly. Good business!