Spongebob the movies



I’ve tried to back this up, and its not working, any ideas?


in AnyDVD, Make sure “Copy Protection based on unreadable sectors” is checked before running CloneDVD2 on it. If that dont work, I am sure the guys here will find a way to back it up for ya.


Or if you have played with AnyDVD’s settings, clicking “Default” could be a good idea as well.


Is that even out yet on DVD :confused:



Spongbob The Movie (US) backed up fine using AnyDVD/CloneDVD for me.


Ah US, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:



same here


I have copied the first two disks of Spongebob but have not been able to do the third disk. I used anydvd while copying using Nero and I can’t get it to work that way. I use dvdshink for my backing up and copying along with Nero and dvdshink will not copy the third disk. I’ll now try clonedvd and see it that does the trick.


I copied the UK version of spongebob with no problems.