Spoken Word Audio CD Troubles


I recorded the spoken word track from a Learn French package on cd-rom.
I planned to use it in the car on my travels.

When I made it, I put 7 seconds of silence between words/sentances so that I would have a chance to repeat the phrase or word.

It’s about 74 minutes long, on TY cd-r. I made it into 11 seperate tracks for easy playback.

My problem: the car deck will only play about 2 minutes of each track before it spins and shuts off. I tried burning the disc TAO & DAO, but they both do the same thing.

It seems to not like the 7 seconds of silence between phrases.
I burned it with Nero 6 and made sure to remove the ‘delete silence at end of tracks’.

Any ideas on this one? I’ve never seen an audio cd player balk at a perfectly good cd before.

A work around I thought of tonight, was that I can rip it to mp3 and use my mp3 player to connect to my car stereo via cassette deck. It should work, but it will be a pain in the arse.

The mp3 player work-around is what I’ve been using. It works fine.

So ignore the 1st post.