Splodgy Burns?

Writer: Pioneer 107D
Disc Brand: Taiyo Yuden
Write Speed 6x

I have just burned off a few things on disc after burning i let the disc set for 2 mins, looked at the back to find of what looked like a slodge of the dye that either had or hadnt been written.

This is not normal!!
As it’s dried a bit more the splodge looks more darker than the written part of the disc but its on the written part.
Its about the same size of one of those smilies on the right>>

Why does it do this?
What do i do?

This sounds like a manufacturing defect that went unnoticed during selective testing. Most often, uneven dye distribution. In extreme cases, could also be an impurity inside, an air pocket or nonflat substrate. There is not much you can do, short of returning the media for replacement by the retailer or the manufacturer, if it happens with every disc or most discs in the pack.

I’ve encountered a few problem spindles of Maxell-branded TYG01 and Fujifilm-branded TYG02 where an occasional disc (never more than about one in ten) would exhibit dark spots of varying shapes, but this happens with every manufacturer.

Yes, lol have to agree with u there!

Ive also noticed something thats quite hard to explain.
If you shine a lamp orv make your kitchen light reflect off the back of the discs can you see millions of little translucent specs that look like theyve actually been burned in with the disc, ppl say its dust but its not dust!
This was already on the discs before!
The error scans and transfer rate tests picked up no errors its just bizar.
These specs are the same size as dust.

Thats the dye melting under the heat of your lamp

j/k :slight_smile:

as for ther splodges could have been a fingerprint before burning or other piece of muck, are you sure these are real TY how much did you pay for them?

got 100 of them for 50 quid.

They advertised DVD- when they were DVD+

Have done the scan on dc/dvd speed and saw i think it was the yellow line going uphill direction and green stayed level all along…Good burn??

Post your scans.

Serial Number;Drive;Firmware;Transfer Rate - Average;Transfer Rate - Start;Transfer Rate - End;Random Seek Time;1/3 Seek Time;Full Seek Time;1 X CPU Usage;2 X CPU Usage;4 X CPU Usage;8 X CPU Usage;Burst rate;Spin Up Time;Spin Down Time;Load Time;Eject Time;Recognition Time
DEDC511754WL;PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-107D;1.21;5.76x;3.46x;7.56x;134 ms;144 ms;274 ms;7 %;13 %;24 %;95 %;24713 KB/sec;0.00 sec;2.91 sec;14.22 sec;1.42 sec;0.01 sec

Looks alright.

I’ve had some problems with SVP media, I tried some of their DataWrite discs which were horrible, but their site is just full of DataWrite media’s and they plug it so much.

Dont taalk bout those bloody datawrite discs! lol, they’ve given me no end of hassle.

T’was the yellow ones.

Thanks 4 ya help mate.