Splitting when chapters are poorly timed

This is post numero uno.

I’m backing up my Scrubs season 2. I want to split onto two disks as I don’t like the effects of compression.

My questions is:

What do you do when splitting causes a single episode to be divided between disks? The positions where I am allowed to move my splitter bar are ALWAYS in crappy spots, cutting a single episode between the two DVD5s (I’m thinking this is no coincidence)

Yeah, I’ve LOOKED at the help site, and done hours of reading here and on the net.

Can this be done with AnyDVD/CloneDVD2? Any ideas?


There’s 2 ways around it.

  1. Buy DVD -/+R DL and put it all on 1 disc.
  2. Put 1 episode on 1 single layer disc. = 3 discs.