Splitting Wave Files



I recorded a radio show (one continuous file) that I would like to be able to index when it is transferred to CD. The only way I can think to be able to convert the show into multiple cuts is to do so manually and burn the CD with no gaps between segments. (In the DVD world, I would be asking how to add chapters.) How can I split one big wave file into multiple wave files automatically?


Any audio editor should allow you to split an audio file. Try audacity (free)


I don’t see how to cause Audacity to [B]automatically[/B] split the file into smaller pieces. Can you enlighten me? Thanks.


Sorry, I don’t know if audacity can do this automatically.

Anyway, how can a software know where you want to insert a cut? My suggestion is to do it manually so each cut is placed in the right place.


If you have Nero then it’s Wave Editor can automatically scan for any pauses & then split the tracks upon saving.
Not sure if that’s quite what you want.


Yep Nero can do that, good suggestion TimC :slight_smile:

I am afraid though, that if the session is about ie house music (mixed - no pauses) the only way would be to actually run through the whole file, put an index whenever needed and finally split at index sites. At the end, you will have to burn the session with no 2sec gap between tracks (with the exeption of the very 1st)


That’s why I questioned whether it would work for the poster.

As you indicate the boring manual insertion of track markers maybe the only option.


What sort of index are you talking about? Is it a function of Nero Wave Editor (which I have) or are you referring to marking the edit points generically?


you can do it in nero burning rom after you have selected the file in the audio compilation. Just right click the file, go to properties and then on the second tab you will find the options for placing an index and splitting at the corresponding sites.

Saving the session will allow you to burn the file for as many times as you like with the tracks set as you want them and without making any changes to the original audio file, which i always prefer.