Splitting tracks


i’m searching a program to split a downloaded full cd that is compressed into one track to multiple tracks just as a original cd
i don’t no if it exists but i thinks so
does somebody know where i can find such a program
i downloaded the track because my cd is broken and doesn’t have a backup


(sigh) My car is broken , so i nicked another one. Plenty of cars in the shop.

Anyhoo… back to the problem… I don’t think there actually is software that can split the tracks for you , i think you have to make seperate .wav files of them with the aid of CoolEdit or some other fancy wav editor program.

Is it for the purpose of having actual separate MP3 files, or do you want to burn it on a CD where all tracks are indicated individually?

If it is for the first purpose, you have to edit the MP3 file. There are some older topics around where programs are suggested who can do this… (here)

If it is for the last option, there are definately more threads where this is discussed (not that long ago I summarised a whole lot of them in a single post), please use the search to find them…

Ok, from the goodness of my heart I found my earlier reply:

So now I am forced to charge you with my hourly fee… 85 euro. You can use paypal to transfer the funds :wink: