Splitting the mpg

I have an 950 mb mpeg file. Does anyone know where I can get a splitter that is easy to use and free?

I need the mpg to fit on 2 vcds I think lol:p


take a look at http://www.vcdhelper.com

here you find all the answers

VirtualDub will do the job.


thanks guys. I eventually discovered that TMPGEnc has a built in splitter. Thats the trouble with learning new things, you always overlook the obvious:) :stuck_out_tongue:

I was able to split a *.mpeg file using TMPGEnc after reading this post.

I also tried to split at *.mpg file, but all that i got was just the audio even though the source of that file has video & audio in it.

Why is it so?? Any tools for splitting that *.mpg??

OK guys - thanks for all the help. We have a success:)

I used tmpgenc to split the mpg. I also used it to take a dat file from a dvd to mpg and convert it to DVD standard and have managed to put my four VCDs on one DVD:)

Thanks to all who helped.
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