Splitting single track audio cds

I’ve been trying to split a constant track cd into seperate songs in nero.
I’ve tried altering to wav files and mp3 then editing but can’t seem to weigh up how you can accuratly split into individual tracks.
Is it possible to do in nero ??

Don’t think this can be accomplished in Nero.

I believe you can do this in Feurio…
But you can also create your own cue sheet when you know the exact places of where the tracks should be separated. cue sheets can be burnt in FireBurner or CDRWin.

You can use the search to find more info on creating your own cue sheets. Suggested search string: “cue AND edit”

First, convert your constant track to a WAV file. Open the file in Nero Wave Editor (if you don’t have a better wave editor). Drag the mouse over the track selection that you want to isolate (it will be blue and white), and use the audio player at bottom left to play the selection to make sure it stops at the desired point. Write down the beginning and ending times from the “Selected” information in the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

From the menu, choose Edit / Copy, then File / New / Edit / Paste. This will be Track 1. Then click on File / Save As and choose a path and filename for your WAV track. Then go back and reopen your main constant WAV file. Start the track selection at the exact point in time that the prior track ended, and follow the same procedure until all of the tracks have been extracted.

Because the Nero wave editor can’t adjust exact times except with the mouse it is difficult to be accurate with the track cuts. Good standalone audio editors such as Cool Edit Pro would use a similar procedure and give more options for accurately adjusting the time intervals.

Burn the tracks in Disk at Once and you will have track selections for the songs with no interruptions between tracks.

thanks for the reply
I agree that nero is a bit tricky but i’ll try your method it’s a little different than mine.
Regarding the alternatives i’ve looked up cool edit pro but it seems a little expensive.
Any cheaper alternatives could anyone drop a reply please?
thanks both again

Goldwave is a shareware wave editor that has a full function demo download available. A registered version is $40. This is a very comprehensive and full featured wave editor.

Goldwave will allow different editing methods with very fine time adjustments. Cue points can be set within a WAV file that can be used to split the file into tracks. Read the help file and you will find a solution to your project.

I really like CD Wave click here . You can try it, and it is cheap if you find it appropriate to your needs. The auto-split (detects silence) works nice, and manual splitting is very easy. It also works great for recording vinyl. You do have to start with a wave file though.

Gave up on trying to split in Nero.

Thanks very much.
I’ll check them both out now.
you have saved me a lot of searching and time and your help is much appreciated.
Floyd:D :wink: :smiley: :wink:

Just a little feedback
could not get goldwave to work on xp for some reason
kept freezing up
cd wave editor works a treat though
chers again
Floyd:D :cool: :cool: :smiley: :smiley:

Please someone explain to me why Feurio is “better” than Nero for audio. I’ve only heard of Feurio on this forum. Do a lot of looking in video cforums and never heard of it. Please educate me about it from the people who use it. Especially valuable if you have used both Nero and Feurio.