Splitting scenes from DVD

I would like to play a movie DVD and then select a specific scenes and remove it as stand alone clip. I have AVI splitter but DVDs have Audio_ TS and Video_TS which I am not sure how to edit. Any help with an easy to use program would be appreciated.

Rip to HDD then use DVDShrink in re-author mode.It has a start/end frame feature,and backup…

You can use DVDShrink to cut out sections of a dvd, using the ReAuthor mode and the Start/End Cut tool. You can download Shrink at www.mrbass.org He also has some tutorials for using the program. There are also some interactive tutorials at www.dvdshrink.info

If this is a fairly new commercial dvd, you might have to decrypt and rip it to the hard drive first, before using DVDShrink, since Shrink is not an effective decrypter for many new dvds. Use DVDFab HD Decrypter to get it to the hard drive. http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm

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